11/08/18Susan Morris

Hello, Just a quick follow up after seeing your web-site. I thought this might be a good fit for your company.

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I hope this is helpful for you.

All the Best,
-Susan Morris

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09/23/18Jeff Greene (Jazzmania/Ervin Litkei )

Hi Rick,

Hi Rick, I'm writing this on behalf of Jeff Greene (2Swans). He would like to contact you directly about the album you did with Ethel & Mr. Litkei on Jazzmania "Aural Hieroglyphics"

Could you please contact Jeff at JeffGreeneInfo@yahoo.com, or via the linkedin link if you prefer.

Jeff would like to include the album in a licensing deal that he has, and your publishing company is involved, so in order to do so, will need to connect.

Jeff is now running the Litkei catalog and Miss Music under the ASCAP publisher 2Swans.

Hope this finds you well,

(for) Jeff Greene

03/18/18maria rodriguez

Hi Rick, I hope you remember me. My name is Maria, my mother (Ana Abel) was a friend and neighbor to Azieb. We lived at 200 W 109th Street Apt E4. When my mom died you wrote a very kind and sweet letter; i've kept your letter after all these years. I've called your house phone but is no longer in service. I think about Azieb and wonder if you're still together. It would give me great pleasure to meet/ chat with you both and hope that you're both doing well. Thanks
Maria 917-548-3147

01/14/18kathryn simon

Hey Rick

Long time. Been listening to music again lately Jazz and thought of the great sounds coming from across the street when I was painting. Wondering if you are performing in the city anytime soon. Jazzfest in town now? Let me know. Great to see you look pretty much the same--Kathryn

12/20/14Paul Ostermayer

Hi Rick! First time I've read all the reviews for Castenada's.... man, they really liked it! Super cool! It was an honor my friend. Hope you're well.-Paul

10/25/13Roy Oser

Hi Rick --
Nice website. Just a quick story I didn't tell on AA, in case you think I have no bullshit meter. Sam Tellig recommends an inexpensive turntable mat in his column, so I buy it, only to find it leaves permanent marks on my records (?!) I quickly remove it, of course. Months later, Michael Fremer warns against using this mat in one of his columns for exactly this reason, making no mention of Tellig's earlier recommendation IIRC. Months after that, this same mat appears in Stereophile's recommended components list with Tellig's recommendation and no mention of Fremer's warning. I write a friendly, polite e-mail (you know how I am) to John Atkinson, saying basically, WTF!?!
Well, I get polite CYA responses from Fremer and Tellig, who says he didn't realize there was a problem when he made the recommendation because he doesn't leave his records on the turntable for long periods. Yeah, as if I do that. Eventually, Stereophile publishes someone else's letter complaining about exactly the same thing, and they formally "retract" their recommendation.
I could have gone ballistic on AA about this, but I figure, no need. If they keep doing things like that, it speaks for itself, doesn't it?
Best wishes,


Hi Rick, dont know if you remember this young musician who did the album Cold Hands which you played flute & sax in.
This is Jacques Roc.
Please respond to jacleroc01@yahoo.com

05/01/12Bob Smith, Norway

I tried to send an E-mail to your 'rwald' address, but this was rejected. Have you changed your E-mail address?


Hello Rick my name is Candido Iam a trumpet player, I am playing with Paul Ortiz who is trying to get in tiouch with you.Please call me at 1(718) 634 - 3894 or 1(917) 815 - 1818 also my e-mail is cbonilla002@nyc.rr.com


Hi Rick ! I hope that you are fine .MY wife and I are gone be in NYC FRON THE
24/08-2001- TO 2011-08-31 I was wondering il you were playing somewhere
thanks i hope to hear from you

01/08/11Jack Bowers

Hi Rick

I saw the band's new CD, Play That Thing, listed at CD Baby and am writing to ask if you'd like a review. As you may (or may not) recall, I'm a Jazz writer / reviewer specializing in big bands at the award-wnning web site, www.allaboutjazz.com, where I've been the big-band editor since March '98.

Thanks for considering the request. I look forward to hearing from you. Best wishes

Jack Bowers
7311 Quail Springs Pl NE
Albuquerque, NM 87113-1780

02/24/10frank griffith

Hi, I knew you a bit in NYC and am enjoying your music tracks as well as the artricle you did with Eric Nemeyer in the NYC jazz magazine. You can hear some of my tracxks on myspace.com/frankgriffithnonet lets talk. frank

06/19/09Daniel Graber

Dear Mr. Wald,

I just purchased your cd's (Castaneda's Dream and Play That Thing) at CDBaby. What a wonderful music!! I didn't know it before! No wonder - I think they are not distributed in Europe (I'm from Switzerland), but always in search for good music, one day I found CDBaby and another day I found your masterworks! For forty years I'm a bigband fan and I'm glad this superb scene is still alive!

Please, tell me the release of your next cd! I hope, the current financial crisis doesn't discourage you making further wonderful music!


Daniel Graber

07/22/08Bob Collins/The Jazz Cafe/WRHU/Hempstead, NY

. . .yeah!!!

05/01/08 Ed Voigt

Add me to your mailing list. Thanks.

04/14/08Vasja Ivanovski

Hi Rick,

Greetings from Skopje, Macedonia. You don’t get much mail from here, do you? I have a weekly jazz radio programme JAZZ SPACES on National FM Radio and would be interested to present some of your recent material to music lovers in this part of Europe. Radio playlists would be supplied, so if interested, drop me a line.
Thanks in advance.

Vasja Ivanovski
Jazz Spaces 94.1 FM Radio 2


04/14/08ivo martins

I am Ivo Martins. I work as a director Guimarães Jazz Festival in Portugal.


I also write in a Spanish magazine of jazz www.cuadernosdejazz.com and in the Portuguese jazz web page www.jazzportugal.ua.pt

I also make a radio program “BAILE DOS BOMBEIROS" for the last 20 years in www.rum.pt

I have a personal web page about music, arts and literature www.ivo-martins.org

My space www.myspace.com/ivomartins

All these activities are done out of passion cause my job is hospital administration. I saw in net magazine references about the work
Rick Wald 16/NYC
Play That Thing

I am interested to know this work and I will like to make a radio program with this music. If you could send me information and promo material about these projects because they are important for my work around the jazz. I'm member jury in European Jazz Prize:www.hanskollerpreis.at/europeanjazzprize/

My address is:
Ivo Martins
R. jose luis andrade,32
4780 Santo Tirso

Best Regards, ivo

03/24/08Taran's Free Jazz Hour

Dear Rick Wald,
just came across your website, nice piece of work. dig your music, especially the quartet. i'd like to let you know of my radio show dedicated to free jazz and creative music: www.tfjhp.blogspot.com

03/02/08Mark Siebers

Hi Rick,

I know know you through your postings on AA Vinyl BB. I've admired your straight forward no BS postings. It is clear the music comes first for you. (I'm MAS on the asylum).

Anyways, although I am in the midwest, my son lives in NYC. His b-day is coming up in mid-March, so I'd love to send to one of your concerts if youare playing.

02/03/08Bryan Rincon

Mr. Wald,
My name is Bryan Rincon and I am a jazz saxophone major at the University of North Florida and a former student of Lew Del Gatto down in Southwest Florida. I was informed by Lew that you are interested in a position as a professor of arranging. This week I'm planning on going to our head of jazz studies, Bunky Green, and our deparment chair Dr. Gordon Brock and give them a chance to hear your work on Casteneda's Dreams (a CD that I loved by the way). Lew said that you had trouble on finding information on the school. The url is www.unf.edu/ and from there you should be able to find anything you need on the music department. I hope that I've been some help and that you remain interested in our arranging position. Thanks for your time.

Bryan Rincon

07/23/07Tim Booth

Hi Rick!
I am a basstrombonist in Toronto who has started a new Jazz Orch. called the Toronto Art Orch. featuring some of Toronto's finest jazz musicians. We are looking for great charts such as yours. Are they available to purchase so we can add them to our repertoire of great modern composers such as you. Just purchased Castenada's Dreams great stuff, complex, modern just what we are looking for!
Thanks so Much
Tim Booth

06/02/07Thomas Sarney

My name is Thomas Sarney, my company is called Jazz Music Depot.
We work with several distributors and record stores in Japan and Europe.
I'm a small wholesale distrubtor with a personal touch. I only distribute Jazz music, both on cd and lp and I have over 15 years experience. I found your information on the web and I would like to know more. Are you currently distributed in Europe and Japan? Would you consider selling me your product for International distribution? Shoot me a reply and we can discuss things further. Thank you in advance.

11/09/06pierre-marcel veilleux

Dear Rick i have been enjoying both of your cd's your compositions are
amazing i always discover something new when i listen to them thanks

10/02/06Maurice Hogue/One Man's Jazz CKUW Winnipeg

Hi, Rick

I was wondering if you might be able to spare a play copy of Castaned'as Dreams. I've been seeing it popping up on playllists and I'd like to give it
some air time up here in Winnipeg. I feature a lot of new artists, new music,
less mainstream than most stations. Playlists can be seen at

Let me know. Thanks.


Maurice Hogue